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Ms Wallnutt’s First and Second class enjoyed doing beautiful leaf rubbings – what a display!



Check out these amazing lighthouses, not to mention their colourful frame borders.


First and Second are preparing for First Holy Communion in May 2017. They have been learning
about the sea of Galilee and how Jesus calmed the storm.





Learning about 2D shapes is fun when you can make fantastic pictures from circles, squares,
triangles and rectangles.



First and Second Class made a fantastic frieze which was a great backdrop for our Altar during our School Mass on 14th October 2016.




What do you think of these amazing Balloons?





First and Second class have been learning about fractions recently. They have also been
listening to stories about Jesus.


They were amazing in their Christmas show “Cinderella”. Who would have thought we had such
great singers and dancers among us! They also did some terrific art work to brighten the corridors
and helped Linda make those wonderful Christmas Candle logs for the Christmas fair.

They enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus.

And also about angles.

They had great fun drawing Motion People.

First and Second are having a busy year already. They have been busy doing lots of interesting things.

Lovely Rememberance Crosses – November 2015


Super Ships!


Fiery Volcanoes!




Lovely Autumn Rubbings.






First and Second class have been so busy preparing for their First Holy Communion which took place on Saturday 23rd May 2015. They have been learning their prayers, hymns and doing lots of artwork. They have really enjoyed this preparation and it has given them lots of co-operative skills. We were very proud of them all on their special day as they looked beautiful and they behaved so well.