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We will re-launch our Walk on Wednesday initiative on Wednesday 19th October. We hope to have a great turn out. We will meet at the entrance to Springvale Estate and walk up to school together. We are now pursuing our FIFTH green flag. This flag is for Biodiversity. We are really looking forward to working on this theme because we have a huge variety of life in our idyllic setting up the mountain. Just look at who came to visit us in class last week!






What fantastic news for Edmondstown – we have won the TRAVEL flag! This is really a fantastic achievement, given the location of our school. Well done to all those parents and children who made a huge effort to walk to school, particularly on Wednesdays. Thank you to Ms Deirdre Ryan and to Ms Emma Lane who were our Green School Co-ordinators for the two-year period it takes to work towards a flag. A huge congratulations to our hard-working committee over the two year period which included Cllr. Francis Duffy, Ms Linda Molloy and Valerie our caretaker, not to mention a lot of enthusiastic children. It’s wonderful what can be achieved when everyone works together.

On Friday 22nd June 2016, Ms Catherine Martin T.D., one of our very own parents, raised our flag with the help of some of the children on the Green School Committee. Ms Martin spoke about what a wonderful achievement it was for our school and the important role that our children were taking in educating us all in Green issues.

Check out the Photo Gallery for some great photos taken by Mick Behan.



What a terrific Action Day we had on Wednesday 16th March 2016. The “Bling your Boot”
competition really attracted some amazing entries. Check out the photos below and also in
our Gallery. We had a moderate turn out for our “Walk on Wednesday” re-launch possibly
due to the fact that people were getting ready for the competition and were running late.
Those who did turn up were delighted to receive a balloon. Our application for our Fourth
green flag has been submitted and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be
successful. Keep up the walking on Wednesday and well done to fifth and sixth class who
have won the “Golden Boot” numerous times.







Well done to all those boys and girls who continue to walk or cycle every Wednesday. Some classes are better than others at winning the “Golden Boot”. Come on everyone – try your best! We really do want to achieve our Fourth Green Flag for Travel. Everyone who walks, car pools or cycles get a lovely sticker.

Thank you to South Dublin County Council for installing ramps near the entrance to our school following our representations. Hopefully this will make it a little safer when we are walking along. Now if only they could widen and repair the footpaths…..!!!

The Green School Committee are continuing to work on their Action Plan but they need lots of help. Aren’t they wonderful ambassadors when they visit the classrooms to give their announcements



We re-launched our Walk on Wednesday initiative on 16th September 2015. Ms Lane has taken over
as our Green School Co-ordinator whilst Ms Ryan is on career break. Well done to all those children
who are walking every Wednesday. Congratulations to those classes who have won the “Golden
Boot” for having the highest percentage of walkers. Congratulations to our Green School
Committee who are working hard on their Action Plan. They look very smart with their Green School
Committee Badges. Keep bringing your lunch wrappers home to help us reduce our waste.









Wow it really was a WOW day on Wednesday 20th May. What an amazing turn out of parents and children and the sun shone beautifully as we walked to school. Ms Ryan , our Green School Co-ordinator was delighted with the turn out. Well done to everyone – keep up the great walking every Wednesday from now on!! Fifth and Sixth class were the winners of the “Golden Boot” award as they had the highest percentage of walkers. Who will win the “Golden Boot” next time?

We are currently striving for our 4th Green Flag. This is based on the theme of Travel. We are encouraging everyone to walk to school as often as possible, but particularly on Wednesdays – WOW days! If it is not possible for children to walk, we are encouraging parents to car pool where possible. Our Green School Committee are very enthusiastic.
On Wednesday 20th May we will be hosting a Park n Stride. We hope that as many parents as possible will park in Springvale Estate and environs, and then walk to school from there. Hopefully this will become a regular Wednesday walk for everyone. In this way we will cut down on our impact on the environment.






Following a lot of hard work by all concerned, the entire school community at Edmondstown N.S. celebrated the raising of its second An Taisce Flag (Energy) on June 29th last. The event was very well attended and a huge number of parents and local well-wishers were amongst the crowd. The board of management was also represented.



The children of the Green Schools Committee contributed hugely to the event and each one either displayed a poster or spoke confidently to the assembled crowd about the steps that had been undertaken to obtain the flag. Clare Hinch from South Dublin Co. Co. praised the school community for their efforts and she encouraged everyone to roll up their sleeves for flag number three!

The Guest of honour was Dublin GAA star, Conal Keaney who rose the flag with the help of the children and, who also cut the beautiful cake. The ceremony was capped off by the beautiful singing of the children’s own Green Schools song under the direction of Ms. Wallnutt.

In his few words to the crowd, Mr. Burke thanked the entire staff and student body of Edmondstown N.S. for their encouragement and support of the committee. He especially thanked Ms. Fitzgerald for her tireless work on green issues around the school. The adult members of the committee (Valerie Atkinson, Cora Roche & Maria Kane) were also complimented for the important roles they too have played.


The afternoon was rounded off by a small reception for the adults while the children tucked into some goodies back in their classrooms! Well done to all involved!


The Green Schools’ Committee are:


Romy Ross (Junior Infants) Seán Brady (Senior Infants) Lara Kelly (1st Class)

Charlotte Byrne (2nd Class) Hannah Roche (3rd Class) Róisín Doyle (4th Class)

Luke Gallagher (5th Class) Ashling Mc Keever (6th) Cora Roche (Parent)

Maria Kane (Parent) Valerie Atkinson (Staff) Ami Fitzgerald (Teacher)





Edmondstown Green Flag



There was sunshine and smiles all round as pupils, staff and parents at Edmonstown National School in Rathfarnham raised their first Green Flag for Waste and Litter on Friday 11th September 2009. Mayor of South Dublin County Councillor Mick Duff attended the flag raising ceremony and he congratulated all at Edmonstown National School.


The school was awarded the green flag after demonstrating they had implemented the seven steps of An Taisce?s Green Schools Programme. They drastically reduced waste from one and a half black bin liners per day for the whole school to just one small white bin bag per day. This was achieved by managing waste in a more environmentally friendly such as composting organic waste, recycling and reducing lunch waste.


The Mayor congratulated all at the school including the parents saying ?It is wonderful to hear that the parents and wider community support your green school endeavors like on your Day of Action which involved parents and pupils cleaning up the school grounds on a Saturday!?.

The Green Schools Committee made up of the pupils, staff and parents and the programme at the school was coordinated by Teacher Ami Fitzgerald.


Over 3,100 primary, secondary and special schools in Ireland are currently taking part in the programme and 1,465 have been awarded the Green Flag. The Irish Green-Schools programme is one of themost successful within the international network. One of the main factors in the success of the Irish Green-Schools programme is the partnership between the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce and Local Authorities i.e.the financial and time contribution of the Local Authorities to the programme.


For further information contact Claire Hinch, Environmental Awareness Section



Green-Schools initiative: Click For Green-School's Page.


Article From S.D.C.C. website: Click For Origenal Page.



Mayor of South Dublin County Councillor Mick Duff.