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Our First and second classes have been preparing all year for the First Holy Communion Day. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 13th. After the ceremony, the children and their families will be treated to a little reception back at the school. We are very grateful to our Parents ' Association and to the volunteers from third and fourth class who will look after the arrangements for this lovely, friendly get together. It is a great chance for the children to meet each other and get some photos. We are very grateful to Mick and Catherine Behan who take photos of the children in the church and give them to each family free of charge – what a lovely gesture!


The art work they children have created is beautiful:




First and Second class had a beautiful ceremony of First Penance recently. It was a very memorable step along their faith journey.






Our First and Second classes are getting ready for a wonderful day which will happen next May 13th – their First Holy Communion. They recently had their enrolment mass to mark the beginning of their participation in the “Do This in Memory” programme. This is the next stage of their Faith journey and we know that our school will receive special blessings with all the candles that they will be lighting and all the prayers that they will be saying.




On 12th March 2016, his grace, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, confirmed the boys and girls of sixth class. It was a beautiful ceremony which really brought home to us how special this sacrament is. The sun was shining in agreement on this glorious day. The Archbishop spoke about the difficult role that parents have in giving children strong roots of values to live by, but also giving them wings to soar and fly and taste life. The choir provided beautiful music as did several of the confirmation candidates. The Archbishop then joined us back up at the school were the Parents’ Association had delicious refreshments awaiting everyone. It really was a great occasion of celebration. We hope the boys and girls of sixth class will always use the gifts they received today of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Courage, reverence and Wonder and Awe in God’s Presence.
Check out the beautiful photos taken by Mick and Claire Behan on the day.



On Thursday 25th February, sixth class had their Ceremony of Light, in preparation for their Confirmation. It was a lovely evening and the music from Ms Wallnutt’s choir made up of third and fourth class, really added to the atmosphere. Fr. Lyng gave a special blessing to all present. The children chose various `leading lights’ in the community such as Sr. Anna and Bernadette as their inspirations.




On Saturday 23rd May 2015 the sun shone for a wonderful occasion when the children of first and second class made their First Holy Communion. All the children looked beautiful and there was a lovely atmosphere in the church. Fr. Lyng and Fr. Flor celebrated the mass. The choir from 3rd – 6th were absolutely terrific under the watchful baton of Ms Wallnutt. It really was a great occasion. Everyone headed back to school where terrific volunteers from our parents’ association had put on a lovely spread of tea and cakes. What a great day we all had.