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What a wonderful year the school choir has had. Under the wonderful direction of Ms Wallnutt, the children took part in the National ChildrenŐs Choir. They performed in the National Basketball Arena and in fact, they were so good, a representative number have been chosen to perform in the National Concert Hall in May 2017. The choir have been wonderful at singing at the Communion "Do This in Memory" masses on Sundays. They are looking forward to singing at the Communion on 13th May 2017 and I know they will make us very proud.


Christmas Choral

The children from the School Choir sang beautifully for our Christmas Choral conducted, as always, by Ms Wallnutt. They are currently rehearsing weekly for the Confirmation ceremony.


We also had music from some of our talented musicians.





The Children from 4th, 5th and 6th classes took part in the National Children’s Choir for the first time ever this year 2015. Over the year they have learned a varied repertoire of choral pieces ranging from “The Lord is My Shepherd” to “The Rhythm of Life” and everything in between!
The choir rehearsed with other schools throughout the year culminating in a performance in the National Basketball Arena on April 21st with 300 other children, complete with orchestra. While the work was challenging, the children enjoyed learning all the songs. We were so proud of them all and great credit goes to Ms Wallnutt for her enthusiasm and dedication to the choir.
We have been honoured by having seven of our choir chosen to sing in the National Concert Hall on Monday, 8th June. We simply can’t wait to hear them again. A great ending to a great year!